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32 Memories

  1. Jeff Says:

    thinking of you, nico.

    not that a day goes by when i dont, but i havent been on here in a while and i thought it would be good to post. somehow its easier to believe that you are listening when you write it down... (show more)

  2. Zoe Says:

    Alex I miss you.
    Love Zoe

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  3. Matt Dennett Says:

    Was at Toads tonight. I miss you so much. All I can do now is listen to good guitar playing, think about you and cry... (show more)

  4. Sebastian Carey Says:

    I remember riding the subway from cross country practice after school back to the upper west side and having great conversations with Alex. Usually they would be about something with a philosophical bent but with real life implications, and I recall always differing with Alex in the small details, usually just so I could claim to be winning the discussion. It was always understood between us that the conversations were just for fun and wouldn’t change anything in our relationship, but they did mean a lot to me... (show more)

  5. Sarah Orrick Says:

    Hey, Alex,
    I missed Harvard-Yale again this year. You know that means the only time I went as an undergrad was when you practically saved my life (and definitely my sanity) sophomore year. I hope you don’t mind, but I told that story during my bio... (show more)

  6. Kai Zhang Says:

    Always and forever: you are my inspiration.

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  7. Matt Lawlor Says:

    Hey Alex,
    If there was any day where I needed your advice, this would be it. I just hope I did right by you, you always seemed to know the right thing to do.

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  8. Matt Dennett Says:

    Hey buddy,

    I think you’d be proud of me. I got a job. I’m no longer a worthless person... (show more)

  9. Laura Edwards Says:

    It’s been well over a year and a lot has changed, but still not a day goes by without you being remembered and missed. You’ve inspired changes in a lot of people, and though I’m not sure I’ll ever live up to your example, I hope to honor you with my efforts. Just wanted to let you know that although time goes by and memories fade, you will never be absent from my thoughts... (show more)

  10. Michael Prigoff Says:

    I continue to be inspired by Alex and note how many others feel the same way. We are all at the same time cheated by his loss and yet so enriched by having known him.

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  11. Ashali Singham Says:

    When I think of Alex, I think of the F11 party with the punch in the bathroom. I remember I came by late and was just sort of awkward, pretty content to sit on the corner of the futon and bask in that crazy green light. And I remember that Alex, who I didn’t know especially well, would not let me be separate from the rest of the group, and despite him being surrounded by his roommates and friends, kept pulling me in, getting me involved, trying to get me to drink some of that really gross looking punch... (show more)

  12. Lily Rothman Says:

    I’ve been thinking of Alex constantly over the past few days. Our friendship was originally founded on our shared birthday — although it grew to encompass the other 364 days just as much. Still, as our birthdays approached, I found myself planning for him as well as myself... (show more)

  13. Shannon Monaghan Says:

    For good or ill, many of my most vivid memories of Alex involve Berkeley Dining Hall. I can see quite clearly Alex eating an almost sickening number of hard-boiled eggs for breakfast, Alex allowing the table to share in his kosher muffins at Passover, Alex trying to convince my on-that-day-very-ill self to come to his 20th birthday party last year. Unluckily, and sadly, I wasn’t able to go, but I can still remember the conversation as if it were yesterday: “But Shannon! We have champagne! Lots of champagne! C’mon, just stop by for a little while... (show more)

  14. Laura Edwards Says:

    I can still hear Alex’s voice — the way he called my name every time I stuck my head into the doorway of F11 on the way up to my room. I remember the first time I looked in and was greeted with an enthusiastic “Laura!”. I was so flattered – he greeted me as if he had been waiting for me to come by the whole time, or like just having me there had made his day... (show more)

  15. Berry Kennedy Says:

    The other day I was thinking about when I was in Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s the summer after freshman year, and I looked over the racks of dresses in the dress department and I saw Alex rising out of the elevator with the hugest grin on his face. I think that ranks as one of the times I.. (show more)

  16. Zoe Schwartz Says:

    Alex –

    Thinking of you today. And every day. And especially yesterday on your 21st – I’m sure you would have had a great party with your friends at Yale last night... (show more)

  17. Adam Levine Says:

    On a day like today, when in all possible senses Alex would have become a man, I am amazed at how Alex could have so profoundly touched so many people before the landmark of his 21st birthday. One of the most important ways that Alex has affected all of us–and it is attested to in that which is written on this page–is that Alex is not just remembered; rather, people reflect on Alex and who he was. What I mean is that Alex is not just remembered, he is a living part of all of us... (show more)

  18. Jeff Tierney Says:

    Not a day goes by that your friends don’t think of you, but even that is ill preparation for dealing with days like today. As much as it hurts though, the prospect of not remembering hurts infinitely more. You needn’t worry about that – no one will be forgetting you any time soon... (show more)

  19. Matthew Lawlor Says:

    I was looking at some old birthday pictures tonight, and it amazes me how little people have changed. Suddenly they are looking for jobs and making plans and slowly turning into adults even if they look the same. Somehow you managed to hit that balance of youthful adulthood right at freshman year... (show more)

  20. Christine DeRunk Says:

    Alex was a special young man who touched my life by simply being himself – cheerful, funny and compassionate. I will always remember Alex sitting in my Honors Physics class in Pforzheimer Hall. He would frequently eat a huge sandwich that was bigger than his head and between bites he would amaze his peers and me with not only his powerful intellect but also his laughter and insights... (show more)

  21. Bruce McDonagh Says:

    The video is amazing and I will keep it close to my heart forever.
    The first picture of Alex at Guilder Boathouse is an amazing one. I think
    it is fitting that he is placed at the spoon of the oar... (show more)

  22. Matt Dennett Says:

    I somehow keep expecting that I’m going to see you soon and we’ll do that sumo thing where we run at each other as fast as we can and do a chest bump. Like right after Door. Or right in front of the library finals week last year... (show more)

  23. Matt Lawlor Says:

    Hey buddy,
    I missed you in class today. I couldn’t hear a word the professor was saying, I just stared at the empty chair next to me. You would have loved this year so much, I know it... (show more)

  24. Jeff Tierney Says:

    Nico –
    Just thinking of you, man, not that a day goes by when I don’t. Anyway, I thought it would be good to write to you since I don’t like just thinking it because I feel like a schizo and if I talked out loud I’m afraid the neighbors would think me slightly perturbed. I’m sure you understand... (show more)

  25. Jack Vogelsang Says:

    Everyone can attest to Alex’s spirit, there’s no question that he was one of the greatest guys I have ever gotten to know. I personally had two experiences that stand out to me as places where I choose to preserve his memory.

    I rowed with ACapps freshman year on the heavyweight team, and you couldn’t have asked for a better guy to row with... (show more)

  26. Berry Kennedy Says:

    This is what I said at Alex’s memorial service in September, and a month later it is no easier now than it was then to be at a Yale without Alex— we miss you Alex.

    Alex Capelluto was one of the people I most deeply respected and admired at Yale from the beginning of my freshman year. I remember going to eat lunch in Branford one Friday afternoon and sitting until long after everyone else had left the dining hall talking about what we wanted to do in the future, and what kind of families we wanted to have... (show more)

  27. Alex Maggio Says:

    I redshirted my freshmen year, and, as a sophomore, I rowed on the Freshmen Heavyweight Crew with Alex. I found out about the accident while I was studying abroad in Beirut. I don’t remember much of that day, except that it was paralyzingly heavy... (show more)

  28. Danni Lovell Says:

    I didn’t know Alex as well as many of the people here, but our short times together were always hilarious and wonderful. I knew him through FOOT and through the planning stages of HBC.

    During August training, last fall, organized things the FOOT leaders had to do around Old Campus had slowed down, leading Alex and some other partners in crime a little extra time... (show more)

  29. Adam Levine Says:

    Alex was my best friend throughout middle school and high school. My memories of him in these years are similar in tone to what his Yale friends have identified: Alex was always happy and always smiling; he tried his hardest at everything and, as a consequence, never shortchanged himself or anyone else. In fact, in many ways it was for these other people that Alex tried so hard–Alex was the most selfless person that I ever knew... (show more)

  30. Matthew Lawlor Says:

    Alex was a unique in the truest sense of the word. There is no one I have ever met who possesses his self-confidence, his zest for life, or his integrity. He was effortlessly an amazing friend, never judgmental, always happy, and most importantly he was always there for his friends in moments of doubt or weakness... (show more)

  31. Jocelyn Keehner Says:

    One of my favorite things about Alex Capelluto was his laugh. It was the laugh of a giddy little kid. And I think sometimes you can tell a lot about a person by their laugh, his wasn’t mean-spirited or maniacal it was happy and incredibly infectious... (show more)

  32. Jeff Tierney Says:

    I have a hard time writing about Alex. It isn’t for lack of things to say, rather it’s a lack of words that I feel can do justice to his memory. In truth, it was hard even when he was alive to describe what I thought of him; to try to explain to someone that didn’t know him the strength of his conviction or the way he could cheer you up with a smile and a word was a wasted effort... (show more)